A full line of print finishing equipment is available from CG Machinery Inc. such as:
Foil Stampers
Automatic Diecutters
Paper Cutters

Exclusive North American dealership rights with various manufacturers allow us flexibility in tending to our customer's needs. As well, we have full technical support from the manufacturers' engineers as required.

This 32" high speed automatic foil stamping machine is the new star in the SBL family. Perfect partner with your Roland 700, Heidelberg or KBA 74 printing presses. Maximum mechanical speed up to 8,000S/H. Max tonnage 200tons.

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The SBL-1050SEF is a very poular 40" foil stamping machine. High speed and reliable. Newly re-designed foil system with PLC controlled foil shaft provides the most accurate and stable foil pulls.

Newly re-designed foil rewinder.

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51" automatic foil stamping machine with die-cutting and stripping capability. Standard equipped with an 8 shafts foil rewinding unit. This machine is designed to handle high tonnage, up to 500tons.

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